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Become Your Truth

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Become Your Truth

TransChance Health is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering trans and gender non conforming patients seeking gender affirming health care.

For trans and gender nonconforming people who face challenges in navigating health care - specifically while utilizing their health insurance - TransChance Health helps patients know and understand their rights, and provide tools to self advocate and comprehensive education surrounding health insurance and assorted issues, including enrollment, prior authorizations, referrals, denials, and appeals. Our trained health care advocates provide education and assistance to trans people facing obstacles to receiving coverage, care, and equitable treatment in the healthcare environment.

TransChance Health will focus on 3 major areas during our first phase of development:

For trans patients and community members: Trans and gender nonconforming patient health care literacy, advocacy, and education. This will include online web resources to form the foundation for patients to self-educate so they may confidently utilize their insurance, manage denied claims, avoid unnecessary bills, and become their own best advocates.

When more assistance is needed, our trained volunteer advocates will help guide patients through their journey through more hands-on involvement and, if needed, refer patients to other resources in the community and nationally to help meet their needs.

For healthcare professionals: TransChance Health will also focus on providing high-quality educational workshops for healthcare professionals and their auxiliary support staff to help create a practice that is inclusive and safe for all patients beginning with the first call to schedule an appointment. We’ll help providers understand how their charting, coding, and billing practices work for (or against) patients, and how to make better decisions to be as accurate as possible, while knowing how to assist patients facing difficulties with their healthcare payer. Lastly, we’ll help providers and healthcare professionals empower themselves to become advocates within their organizations to utilize current and sensitive language, empirical evidence, and practice improvement to advance equitable access to trans medicine.

Research: TransChance Health will begin initial work into trans health-related research, beginning with a systematic review of the existing literature, as well as in-depth community surveying of trans and queer people themselves. Results of the systematic review will serve as a roadmap for future inquiry, by thoroughly surveying the existing literature and highlighting gaps in understanding, we will build a comprehensive plan for the elucidation of optimal trans healthcare practices. Similarly, the insights gleaned from our initial population of pioneers will be used to develop evidence-based community research protocols that can be refined and scaled to reach the broader trans population.

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